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Hiking to Beaver Falls – Day 2

If you don’t really care to read about hiking to Beaver Falls, that’s okay! But you should scroll through to see some of these super cool photos of an unreal hike! 🙂 Beaver Falls is not really a large of a waterfall like Mooney Falls or Havasu Falls but rather a series of smaller waterfalls flowing in… Read More Hiking to Beaver Falls – Day 2

Arizona, Havasupai

Hiking to Mooney Falls – Day 2

I’m not sure why TLC wanted to stick to rivers and lakes that they’re used to, but I’m going to continue chasing waterfalls! Although, I’m not sure if I’ve been kind of ruined after seeing some of these in Havasupai because they are pretty spectacular, even the small ones forming steps down into the canyon… Read More Hiking to Mooney Falls – Day 2

Arizona, Featured, Havasupai

The Hike to Havasupai – Day 1

The hike to Havasupai was one of the most unique and beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! Now, maybe that’s not saying too much because I haven’t done a whole buttload of hikes, but I’ve always thought Arizona hikes were quite special just because the red rocks really stand out against a blue sky. This hike had… Read More The Hike to Havasupai – Day 1