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The Bora Bora Spell

It’s been about 2 weeks since I returned from Bora Bora, and I am still spellbound. Utterly bewitched. All I can picture is waking up to the tranquil ocean outside my window. How I miss it dearly. The waters drink in the sun’s rays to uncloak the most beautiful vibrant blues–hues of aqua and turquoise and cerulean layer on each other in perfect harmony. How are these vivid blues even real?? I reminisce of the gentle caress of a South Pacific breeze that cuts through the humidity and refreshes my sticky face. I miss it all so much, and it was really what inspired me to start this blog.


Why visit Bora Bora? What makes it so different from, say, Hawaii or Cancun or the Carribeans? There is a difference, and I can say that since I’ve been to those places. Don’t get me wrong; those are gorgeous destinations as well! But if you’re looking for heaven on earth, Bora Bora is a little slice of it. The crystal-clear water is warm and tranquil, the people are hospitable and welcoming, the sand is white, the marine life if abundant, and the vegetation is lush. Everywhere you look is a picture waiting to be captured, and yet, the beauty of it all can really find no justice in a still. And one of the biggest perks/differences that I found was that it really did not feel overly touristy or crowded.


I never felt rushed; I never waited in a line; no one really blocked my view. Life was as peaceful, relaxing, and near perfect! (I say near perfect because the one downside in any tropical paradise is mosquitos…hah!) Everything here from the white sand to the blue waters felt pristine and untainted. This is the reason we want to preserve our Earth–to enjoy places like this in its natural glory.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely 100%. I wish I could show every person I loved this magical place on earth. Whenever I feel stressed now, I just close my eyes and pretend I’m back there waking up to the sunrise, listening to the waves gurgle and murmur as they gently crash against the pillars under my overwater bungalow. I plan to lay out the trip that we took and tips and suggestions for those of you who want to plan a visit to Bora Bora and Moorea. Follow my blog for more tips, suggestions, and information about Tahiti and how to plan your trip to what I truly believe is the ultimate paradise! 🙂

View in front of Mt. Otemanu


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